Faaaloalo: a Theological Reinterpretation of the Doctrine of the Trinity from a Samoan Perspective


Upolu Luma Vaai. 2007. Faaaloalo: a Theological Reinterpretation of the Doctrine of the Trinity from a Samoan Perspective.Thesis (PhD Doctorate), Griffith University, Brisbane.


This dissertation presumes that a Christian theology of God and Christian spirituality are inseparable. In other words, the way in which we understand God powerfully moulds our identity and directs Christian spirituality. Thus, this dissertation argues that it is the lack of emphasis given to the living historical and cultural experience of the Samoan people as contemporary receivers of the doctrine of the Trinity, that lies at the heart of the virtual denial of the doctrine in contemporary Samoan spiritual and ecclesial life. In other words, the role of the present receiver in the reception of the doctrine of the Trinity has been undermined, resulting in the loss of meaning and capacity for that doctrine to transform Christian spirituality. This opens the door for traditional non-Trinitarian symbols to function in orientating life and devotion in Samoa, and in turn to nurture a non-Trinitarian spirituality...

Subject Keywords
Samoa, theology, trinity, theological reinterpretation, doctrine of the trinity, non-trinitarian, Christian, God, Christian spirituality, Samoan spirituality, Faaaloalo
Thesis Type
Thesis (PhD Doctorate)
Degree Program
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
School of Theology
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Ormond Rush
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