Queensland Films 1930-1960: from Talkies to Television


Pat Laughren


Queensland College of Art


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Curated Substantial Exhibition, Recorded Creative Work


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Research Background

Queensland Films 1930-1960: from Talkies to Television is the consolidated single text refined and postproduced from the curated presentation of some 32 individual film sources at the 2009 Brisbane International Film Festival. In late 2009 this narrated compilation of Queensland factual Filmmaking was exhibited at the State Library of Queensland.

Research Contribution

Queensland Films 1930–1960: From Talkies to Television is an edited and narrated one hour compilation which traces the story of Queensland factual filmmaking as it faced the challenge of innovations in sound, colour film, animation, documentary and television in the 30years between the coming of ‘sound on film production’ in Queensland and the start of television broadcast and production in the state. It is the third in a series of compilations researched and developed in conjunction with the National Film & Sound Archive (NFSA) which includes Queensland's First Films 1895-1901: Surprising Survivals from Colonial Queensland (1996) and Queensland’s Silent Films: The Newsreel Years 1910-1930 (2002).

Research Significance

As with the preceding projects in this series Queensland Films 1930–1960: From Talkies to Television aims to provide an interested general audience with well researched and theoretically informed treatments of regional cinema history. Where earlier Queensland focused NFSA products — such as Birdsville to the Cape : moving memories 1899-1990s (1997) — were restricted to compiling archival visual extracts with a musical accompaniment, this audiovisual treatment of Queensland factual cinema provides a narration which contextualises the compiled materials.

Funding Body

Q150 Community Funding Program


Queensland history, Queensland film, televisions

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